Goodenough College is a postgraduate residence and educational trust on Mecklenburgh Square in Bloomsbury, London, England.

The College was incorporated in 1930, by a group of prominent Londoners, including the Chairman of Barclays Bank and founder of Barclays DCO, Frederick Crawford Goodenough. Goodenough and his friends wanted to provide able young men coming to London from the Dominions and Colonies, future leaders of what was then a large Empire, with a collegiate life along Oxbridge lines in London. The College was a moot hall and at the same time a place where they would form lasting friendships in tolerance and understanding. The College subsequently also admitted women and now houses almost 650 postgraduate students from 90 different countries.

Getting Here

Following the refurbishment, TEDxGoodenoughCollege is coming back to the magnificent Great Hall at London House! This is where we are located on a map: