Event and Theme

This year’s TEDxGoodenoughCollege will mark the 10th TEDx event hosted by the College and will undoubtedly continue the tradition of excellence and enthusiasm of previous years. Over this past year, the impact of events such as COVID-19 and Brexit have combined to reshape our realities in new and surprising ways. Our job as members of a global community is to discuss these new possible realities. The conference aims to bring together speakers to contemplate the new spaces, experiences, and lifestyles and allow us to think just how we might do things differently in the future. The question of what comes next has never been more vital. In light of this, the organising committee for TEDxGoodenoughCollege has chosen the theme of ‘Reshaping Realities’ to invite speakers to reflect, reimagine, and ultimately, give shape to these brave new worlds ahead of us. 

Application Process

TEDxGoodenoughCollege invites members and alumni of the College and non-members to apply to be speakers for the event, discussing topics relating to the theme of ‘Reshaping Realities’. Herewith the link to the application form

Applications must be received by 30th June 2021 and include the following pieces of information: personal details (full name, email address, CV emphasising previous public speaking engagements), a provisional title of your talk, along with a short video explaining the topic and key ideas of your talk, and your reasons for applying for a speaker position. If offered a place as a speaker, this is conditional on your acceptance of the TEDx Rules and Guidelines

Those speakers who make it past the first round of applications will be selected for an interview. The final selection process will test the originality of your idea, relevance to the TEDx theme, and your skills as a public speaker.