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Theme  eQuality

In rapidly changing times, we strive for accessible technology and a high quality of life, equally for all. Our amazing speakers will share their ideas, how they will make eQuality happen!

eQuality is at the forefront of today’s thinking. eQuality represents universal access to information, advanced healthcare, quality food, good education, fulfilling jobs and decent retirement plans. Technological advancements bring the possibility of true equality ever closer. Still, the number of those who are being left behind is constantly increasing. At the same time, the quality of our relationships, spiritual life and social discussion is at risk.

Following last year’s excursion into the future – [What Next] – TEDxGoodenoughCollege will now explore pros and cons of eQuality, and aim to make that future better for everyone!

And to ensure this happens not only on the long timescales after implementing our speakers' brilliant ideas, but in the here and now, we invited local charities to introduce their life-changing work and enable you to start helping today.